You are gold


A ‘worthy’ heir is just like gold – noble and formidable under pressure & has the power to outshine everyone. There are moments when you step up to take the lead and prove yourself. Like you, these moments are gold. Because it’s these very moments that make you, you.

Every moment that makes you YOU, deserves to be celebrated with gold.

You are gold.

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You are gold

Celebrate your journey from a dream to reality

Chasing a dream can be challenging, and only few have the passion and the vision to turn their dream into reality. They are often the ones who can be called outliers who break the set norms to achieve success! This success is worth celebrating with gold, and so are they!

You are gold

Sisters by birth, friends by choice

Sisterhood bound by the quintessence of friendship and the love of a sibling is a bond so rare and so profound that it is a celebration in itself. Value it, honour it, cherish it. Celebrate this sisterhood with gold.

You are gold

Competitive co-workers, budding co-travellers.

Finding a friend in a co-worker is as rare as finding a needle in a haystack! Sure, you can find one, but you can’t afford to lose it. Nurture it while you can. Celebrate it with gold!

You are gold

Partners in life, now in business too.

Life partners turned business partners. From sharing household responsibilities to sharing business duties, acknowledge this new magical dimension in your relationship. Such valuable moments deserve to be celebrated it with Gold.

You are gold

Divided by generation, United by love.

A grandparent is a gift, one to cherish and love forever. You create memories that the heart holds dear. The bond that one shares with their grandparents is eternal, like gold. Celebrating your bond with gold!

You are gold

Alluring jewellery designs

Here's a vogue jewellery collection to match the personality of every millenial, there's something for everyone.

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